KVCORE Drip Campaigns for Realtors & Agencies

What we do

KVDRIPS takes your kvCORE to the next level by automating the busy-work.

Helping Agents and Agencies save time spent behind the computer manually remarketing / following up with New, Contracted, and Sold leads by developing kvCORE Drip Campaigns and Custom kvCORE Email Templates for Real Estate Agents & Brokerages.



Create a conversation. Providing valuable content that generates inquisitiveness flourishes engagement and rapport.


Stand out among the rest with consistent messaging and a personalized design. A design that blends in with your agency and personal brand.


Build confidence. Provide leads with knowledge that empowers them, makes your job easier, and builds rapport simultaneously.

Save Time & Money

Instead of spending hours learning, experimenting, designing, planning, building, and scheduling your own drip campaign…

Allow us.

Stand Out

What are you doing different from other agents within your agency and surrounding communities.

Lead Conversion

Increase lead conversion with an effective drip schedule and valuable content buyers and sellers alike will appreciate.

Product Reviews

Yuri Flores
Yuri Flores
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Great experience working with Chris on this. The campaigns turned out great.
Shelly Kovach
Shelly Kovach
Read More
I heard from others within my agency about Chris and thought it would be great to automate some of my outgoing emails. His BIG DRIP product is well worth it and Chris was patient to train me when everything was finished!
Matt Murray
Matt Murray
Read More
Christopher did an amazing job setting up the template email and a very extensive drip campaign. It was super customized and I see it's something that I can use for years. His communication was stellar and pro...[read more]
James Yinger
James Yinger
@ jtyinger
Read More
Great service. Got my KV Core Drip Campaigns looking amazing in no time. I was hesitant at first but it was completely worth it. I would highly recommend.
William Bodziak
William Bodziak
Read More
Chris did a fantastic job developing my FSBO campaign. With so many incoming leads and juggling active clients, I needed to automate some of the process. Great service.
Joseph Prianti
Joseph Prianti
@ j.prianti
Read More
kvDrips is a awesome. Their campaigns and emails they made are very professional and extremely detailed oriented. Extremely extremely recommend them!
Brad Patrick
Brad Patrick
Read More
What I needed wasn't available on the website, but after sharing my ideas with Chris, he developed a focused campaign aimed at a particular target. He did a great job designing a professional layout and it runs all by itself! I couldn't ask for more.
Marnette Cobb
Marnette Cobb
Read More
I love my personalized email templates! Also, kvCORE Drips' strategy to generate more conversation with prospecting leads proved it's value almost immediately!

Kunvert leads into...


Convert leads into engagements: Email responses, Phone-ups, Social Media Followers, YouTube Subscribers, and more

Secured Contracts

When your lead learns valuable information received by their agent, rapport and credibility is built. When clients are informed, the process isn’t exposed to unnecessary errors and streamlines the process.

New Referrals

Even after the sale is complete, your automated kvCORE Drip Campaigns are running: Requesting referrals, reviews, social engagement, etc.

Hours Worked
Satisfied Clients
Emails Built
Campaigns Developed

Social Media

Increase followers, grow your network, or drive more sharing of your personal brand.


Level-up your Subscription base and rapport by promoting your YouTube Channel within your kvCORE Smart Campaign and directly link recipients to helpful videos you have uploaded.

Calls to Action

Each email is loaded with convenient buttons to call, email, text, or even schedule an appointment based on your availability.

The Trifecta

When you have turned a lead into an engaging email recipient, a social media follower, and a YouTube Subscriber; your conversion lead loyalty significantly increases.

imagine the


Frequently Asked Questions

Once your work order has been submitted / paid, you will receive an application to complete and return to hello@kvcoredrips.com

This application will consist of a variety of needed information in order to fulfill the job. 

For a copy of the application, click here.

Average turn-around time is 10-12 business days, but can be delayed if waiting on material from the client.

Drip campaigns are developed with the intention to be responsive to all devices: Desktop PC’s, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones.


Your emails can be modified by yourself or we can make the necessary changes to ensure your automated drip campaigns and emails remain stable.

Standard Labor Rate of $40/hr. will apply.

Yes, we have created campaigns for agency recruitment, FSBO, and unique targeted segments.

Pricing varies dependent on whether research and development is performed by yourself or us.

Currently, we’re developing a deep-dive 5-day course into the Advanced Editor’s capabilities, proper formatting, design tips, work flow efficiency, manipulation of blocks, scheduling, and understanding responsiveness.

Interested? Send a message below.

Still have questions? Ask your question here.

kvcore smart campaigns


Coming Soon
  • (17) Personalized Holiday Emails
  • Turnaround Time: 3 Days


Buyer & Seller Drip Campaign
$ 599
  • Personalized Master Templates
  • Over 60 Personalized Emails
  • 3 Stage kvCORE Smart Campaign Strategy
  • + 2 New Included Bonus Services
  • Turnaround Time: 10 Business Days


Coming Soon
  • eXp Information Webpage
  • eXp Career Webpage
  • eXp Agent Recruitment Landing Page
  • (4) eXp Blog Articles
  • Follow-up Reminders
  • (3) Scheduled SMS Text Messages
  • (16) Scheduled Emails
  • Turnaround Time: 1 Week

kvcore WEBSITE add-ons


Coming Soon
  • Use these articles to direct more traffic from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter to your KVCORE Agent Website
  • Easily create YouTube videos talking about information within these blog articles and drive viewers and subscribers to your website. Then share those YouTube videos within your Social Media and your book of business.
  • Incorporate blog post announcements within your drip campaigns; providing recipients useful information while increasing trackable website activity.
  • (6) Buyer Related Blog Articles
  • (6) Seller Related Blog Articles
  • Turnaround Time: 3 Days


$ 69
  • Basic Mortgage Calculator:
    Calculate based on Loan Amount, Loan Term, and Interest Rate
  • Advanced Mortgage Calculator:
    Calculate based on Loan Amount, Loan Term, Interest Rate, Property Tax, and Homeowners Insurance
  • Amortization Schedule Viewer:
    A feature that displays the user's estimated payment schedule on a mortgage over time.
    Keep your branding tight. We can customize your Mortgage Calculator to match your brand's color scheme.
  • Turnaround Time: 24 hours




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