Mortgage Calculator


Help your visitors understand the amount of money which they need to pay on a potential mortgage. Your visitor inputs their figures into the calculator, and a sum is provided which should make the cost of paying off the mortgage clear.

Mortgage Calculator

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Our Mortgage Calculator intended for kvCORE Agent Websites is branded to your color preference and can help your visitors understand how much home they can afford given various inputs. You can choose the length of the mortgage, interest rate, down payment, and whether to include any taxes, fees, or insurance in the monthly cost.

Benefits to you, the agent:

More informed clients: A mortgage calculator can help clients better understand their financial options and constraints, making them more informed and better prepared for the home-buying process.

Faster decision-making: When clients have a clear idea of their financial situation, they can make decisions more quickly and confidently, which can speed up the home-buying process.

Targeted property searches: By using a mortgage calculator, clients can determine their price range and search for properties that fit within their budget, which can help agents focus on properties that are more likely to appeal to their clients.

Improved client-agent relationship: When agents provide tools like mortgage calculators to their clients, it shows that they are committed to helping their clients make informed decisions and are invested in their success.

Increased referrals: Satisfied clients are more likely to recommend their agent to others, and providing helpful tools like mortgage calculators can improve the overall client experience and lead to more referrals.


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