The Big Drip


Automate the busy work for the complete lifecycle of each and every lead within your database by having us develop your personalized and branded email marketing campaign.

Turnaround: 12 Business Days

The Big Drip

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The ultimate kvCORE Agent marketing solution!

With our Personalized Master Template, you’ll be able to create stunning emails that grab your recipient’s attention from the get-go.

We’ve also included a variety of modules to help you showcase your properties, connect with your leads, and close more deals. From a variety of modules like a Questions Module to a Mortgage Calculator Module, a Millions Mapped Module to a Preferred Social Feed Module, we’ve got you covered. (see details below)

Plus, with our 7 Smart Campaigns, including the Newly-Added Sphere of Influence that lasts for a whopping 4 years, you’ll be able to stay top of mind with your leads and clients every step of the way. And with over 100 Personalized Outgoing Emails – target your messaging based on your recipient’s type and status, making sure you’re sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

And if you’re looking for a little extra help, our Call Reminders will prompt you to reach out to your leads throughout your newsletters, while our 1hr. Training session will give you all the tools you need to make the most of this powerful package.

Order now and take your real estate marketing to the next level! You won’t find a more complete package anywhere else. Turnaround time is just 12 business days, so let’s get started!

Package components:


Personalized Master Template

Branded Email Header and Footer
Preformatted Title and Heading Section
Questions Module
Reviews / Testimonial Module
Generic Home Search Module
Mortgage Calculator Module (if purchased – see product)
Millions Mapped Module
Popular Counties Module
Open House Events Module
Price Reductions Module
Just Listed Properties Module
Social Feed Module
Get Financing Module
Instant Listing Alerts Module
Home Value Module
Latest Blog Posts (if purchased – see product)


7 Smart Campaigns

New! Sphere of Influence – Duration: 4 Years
New Buyer – Duration: 4 Months
New Seller – Duration: 4 Months
Contracted Buyer – Duration: 1 Month
Contracted Seller – Duration: 1 Month
Closed Buyer – Duration: 2 Years
Closed Seller – Duration: 2 Years


Over 100 Personalized Outgoing Emails

Targeted messaging dependent on your recipient’s type and status
Follow-up emails
Anniversary Emails
Referral Emails
Market Update Emails
Just Listed Emails
Open House Events Emails
Blog Article Emails (if purchased – see product)
Social Media Plug Emails
Pro-User Tip Emails (if purchased – see product)


Call Reminders

Scheduled throughout your newsletters to remind you to ‘reach out’ to your lead.


1hr. Training

Once your campaign has been developed and setup, we take the time to give you a tour through the essential components of your system – Explaining where to find specific elements, how to alter messaging, and even change the timing of outgoing communications


Turnaround Time: 12 Business Days


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